What You Should Know When Visiting Guatemala


What To Pack

  • Bring a pair of sunglasses and opt to wear eyeglasses instead of contacts. The dust can be rather brutal so eyeglasses will be more convenient and less of a hassle to keep clean.
  • Bring two pairs of shoes one you can wear out for your day adventures that will involve hiking and volcano climbing as well as a pair suitable for up scale dining when you are out enjoying the nightlife.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen and bug spray.

Guatemala tends to have fairly nice weather all year round but during the rain season it can be a little more chilly. Pack plenty of summer clothing and a sweater or long sleeves especially if you plan on visiting in the months from November to February.

Local Awareness Of Guatemalan Culture:

  • There is no smoking in small enclosed areas including vehicles either private or public establishments.
  • Try to use smaller bills when paying for things, larger bills may be hard to find change for.
  • Gratuity can often times be added to your checks without being previously stated.


  • Be sure to try the fresh fruit! Guatemala has plenty of all organic bananas, mangoes and papaya you will want to taste on your visit.
  • Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of Guatemalan coffee.
  • Try the traditional Guatemalan Tacos that are typically made from fried, rolled corn tortillas
  • Pepian is a national Guatemalan dish that you may want to try more than once since it can vary in richness, spice and thickness.


El Mirador

The ruins of this old Mayan city are located deep in the jungles of northern Guatemala. You can take a car to the village Carmelita and from there it is about a four day walk through the jungle to reach El Mirador.


Take a ferry to this little town located off the Caribbean coast, which is full of Garifuna culture.

Parque Central Quetzaltenango

Quetzaltenango is situated between three volcanoes and offers multiple opportunities to take part in the local culture. You can explore Mayan villages, visit Laguna Chicabal or Fuentes Georginas. Parque Central is the city’s center that offers a majority of the local culture.

Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya is an active volcano located by Antigua.

With so many places to visit and unlimited activities you are sure to find a thousand things you will want to do in Guatemala that you will need to plan a second trip just to do them all. Pack sensibly and take part in the Guatemalan life from the food you eat to the places you visit. You will surely want to come back again.