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Surfing Guatemala Style – Avoid the Crowds and Enjoy the Waves

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and underestimated surfing and vacation destinations in Central America. The country is technologically advanced and has beautiful cities, wonderful people, excellent food, and some of the finest surfing areas around. And the best part about surfing in Guatemala, is you will avoid the obvious and often crowded reefs and points in the neighboring countries to Guatemala from the north and south.

More Things To Do in Guatemala

Pacaya National Park

A system of 4 dormant volcanoes and one active cone is one of the most visited of the 37 volcanoes in Guatemala and makes for a spectacular backdrop for investment property in Guatemala.

Guatemalan Coffee Farms

Guatemala boasts some of the best coffee in the world created with traditional pride and procedures.

Zip Lining the Canyons of Guatemala

Glide over the beautiful forests and canyons in Guatemala for an aerial view of some of the most beautiful countryside in Central America.

Things To Do In Guatemala

Guatemala offers any visitor an experience unlike any other. With its beautiful diverse scenery and a culture that is filled with rich traditions your trip to Guatemala is bound to be filled with plenty of adventure.