About Guatemala

Guatemala Real Estate Offers an Inexpensive, Culture-Rich Investment Option

Looking for a new or second home or a vacation home in a more tropical locale? You certainly are not alone, and Central America and South America are increasingly popular destinations for foreigners looking to relocate to warmer, more exotic climates.

What You Should Know When Visiting Guatemala


What To Pack

  • Bring a pair of sunglasses and opt to wear eyeglasses instead of contacts. The dust can be rather brutal so eyeglasses will be more convenient and less of a hassle to keep clean.
  • Bring two pairs of shoes one you can wear out for your day adventures that will involve hiking and volcano climbing as well as a pair suitable for up scale dining when you are out enjoying the nightlife.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen and bug spray.

Guatemala tends to have fairly nice weather all year round but during the rain season it can be a little more chilly. Pack plenty of summer clothing and a sweater or long sleeves especially if you plan on visiting in the months from November to February.